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Physical punishment is not allowed whatever the circumstances.

When a member of staff manages a child’s behaviour, they will do so in order to promote and develop their welfare.

Unsociable or unacceptable behaviour is dealt with by temporal withdrawal. A member of staff will discuss with the child/ren the

current circumstance and the reason for the withdrawal.

Children must be collected by 18:30 by the nominated person(s).

Please notify the club if anyone other than the nominated person is collecting your child/ren.

If you are going to be late, where possible please contact the club. Continuous lateness will incur a £5.00 fine for every fifteen minutes.

Please note if there is an ongoing continual late pattern this could lead to the forfeit of your child/ran place.

Parents/Guardians are welcome to make a comment, complement or complain

Please do not hesitate to speak to the supervisor on duty if there is a matter that concerns you.

Little Adults accepts Childcare vouchers
Edenred voucher  ref  no. P394085

The Club fees will run in conjunction with school terms and vacations. Opening with the first school, and closing with the last school to vacate. Children due to attend when their school is closed, can attend the club.

All agreed sessions must be paid for whether the child attends or not,

Including holidays taken during term time, teacher’s training days and other religious/ bank holidays which fall during term time.

The only special case is when the child has an infectious disease, such as chickenpox, measles, whooping cough, rubella, or attending a relative’s funeral service.

Payment of fees should be made weekly or monthly, on an agreed day prior to the start of the week or month.

If fees are paid persistently late or not at all with no explanation, the club will be forced to terminate the child /ren place.  Under exceptional circumstances the manager may agree to allow the child to continue attending the club for the remainder of the week.

The Corner Stone Church & Community Centre
149 Canterbury Road
London E10 6EH
Tel:  07968 390 750
Ofsted  registered


A waiting list is kept and a place will be offered to a child who meets the age group available and the days on offer.

The Club gives priority to siblings and extended families.

Children are collected from the pre-arranged place inside the school and are walked or transported safely to the club.

As well as permanent employees the club may also include students and volunteers on placement.

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