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Escorting Children

Children are collected from the designated pre-arranged location inside the school.
Some are walked and others are transported to the venue.
The vehicle used is insured for business purposes.


All staff, including volunteers and those on work placements are encouraged to take up training and are supported towards improving their qualifications. By doing this we hope to keep abreast of all the changes within the childcare industry.

At the beginning of each term Little Adults holds a meeting with the children in order to gather their input and determine what’s working and what changes are necessary. Parents, if available are also invited to sit in on the meetings. By doing this we hope to give every person an opportunity to get involved and decide what’s best for the club.


During our day-to-day sessions we set up and play a variety of age-appropriate structured games, as well as exploring a more creative side by having activities like group discussions / debates on topics such as, Fashion, Late night shop opening, Should advertising levels be increased or decreased, Bullying, Etc. We also have talent shows and free play sessions, and we encourage our children to lead certain activities, as well as assist in the organizing of the daily snack-time routine.

Our activities are geared towards building both self-awareness and confidence, and we aim at providing a platform for those who are less expressive and less integrated, in the hope of making them feel welcome and at ease whilst within the club.


At Little Adults, we have a slogan which states that ”No child misses out”, and by this we mean that children should still be free to pursue and participate in any after-school activity that they are enrolled in; be it within their school or another institution. Therefore we provide both late pick-ups and early drop-offs to try and accommodate each and every child’s need.


While school is the primary mechanism for a child’s academic development; at Little Adults we aim to support a child’s development by offering reading sessions, which can either be from their own school books or from the Little Adults library.  Furthermore, we consider our daily routines to be an opportunity whereby a child can enhance their learning curve within the broad spectrum of life; and snack-time is such an occasion. In order for one to get their head around the logistics of snack-time, they’ll need to employ organizational and leadership skills, and that’s why we select different children to carry out a variety of task. For example, to start with a child will be asked to count the number of children registered in the Arrival / Departure book in order to establish how many children are in attendance that day. Then either one or two of the older children assist in the kitchen, whilst some younger ones set out the cups and split the paper towels into a pile.

Then the seating arrangements / seat monitoring involves a child overseeing the continuous flow of children that have either finished eating or are waiting for a spare place to arise; (The seating arrangement was derived during the children and staff meetings, it was agreed that instead of the children eating altogether, only twelve would eat at a time; which allowed the children not eating to be able to continue with their activity/play with less disruption). In addition  we also select a child to supervise the toasted sandwich orders by getting them to make a list of names / fillings required, which is then followed up by the child informing each person when their sandwich is ready. Make and create your own tortilla wrap is always interesting.  As mentioned, snack-time can literally be a tall order and that’s why we find it such a useful tool in developing our children.

During snack time the club provides both hot and cold food, as well as providing a fruit and vegetable platter.

When possible weather permitting we take the children on short outdoor trips to nearby venues, adventure parks, farms, allotments, and nature walks. Our outdoor pursuits help to bring a variety of life experiences to our children and for example, while at an allotment which is owned by one of the parents, the children got to grips with cultivating potatoes and fresh herbs. Which led to them taking back some mint leaves in order to try out fresh mint tea?

The Corner Stone Church & Community Centre
149 Canterbury Road
London E10 6EH
Tel:  07968 390 750
Ofsted  registered


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